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Advantages of us and our products

 1.  All equipment are designed according to human engineering, and can be suitably designed according to the size of work piece and height of operators, to facilitate the uploading and downloading of work piece.

2.  All electrical components and pneumatic devices, in addition to choose the leading international brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Panasonic, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, but can also choose various grades of electrical components and pneumatic devices according to customer requirements and budgets.

3.  Highly reliable and low failure rate, modular design ensure all our equipment easy to maintain with long life time, with consumable parts replaceable design to save cost for customers.

4.  With rich experience of 51 year in the field of automatic welding, we accumulated mature technology and established long-term partnership with both domestic and overseas well-known manufacturers.  Our products can be used for more than 90% percent of production application.

5.  We have adopted ERP and CRM systems for our production process which certificated by ISO9001 standards and can provide real time tracking services, meanwhile, by using ERP system, we can well allocate our productive resource to meet delivery time. Most of our products won CE certifications.

6.  Our own professional after sale service team with 7*24 hours working period to respond to customer’s demand. We are providing equipment upgrading services to meet customer’s long time need.

7.  With a strong R&D department, we can design automatic welding equipment or production lines according to the special requirement of customers and extend the warranty period.

8.  Overseas sales skill and field service are available as well as technical support and operating training.

9.  We ranked 3rd in welding industry with up to 70% market share of water heater production line and 90% market share of rear axle of commercial vehicles in Chinese market.

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