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Spot welder

 Spot Projectionwelder

Spot (projection)welding is a kind of metals join permanently, which make use of the heat generated by welding current to form part melted of workpiece and form welding at the pressure function.

DN, TN series AC spot welder: Used for welding low carbon steel, stainless steel and some color metals.

The driving and adding pressure of electrode adopts compressed air, and the welding pressure is stable. The upper electrode makes perpendicular movement, and has stable regulation function; the lower electrode also can regulate at the perpendicular direction. Weld process is accomplished by the KD or the KD3 series controller, which has high control accuracy, stable quality. The operation is controlled by stepped switch, which is of high producing efficiency and low labor strength.

DZ, TZ series DC spot welder: this series welder is a new type welder which could commutate the AC current to DC current by welding transformer. Comparing with the AC spot welder, the DC spot welder is of high power factor and welding quality and low cost, because the inductance of secondary loop is small. Besides low carbon steel, plating steel plate, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy, copper, aluminum and other alloy, this series welder could also weld rare metal and multi-lay steel plate, also it can apply to automobile, aviation and other industry widely.

The three-phase DC spot welder could not affect the voltage balance.

The AC, DC welder is generally composed of frame, welding transformer, pneumatic transmission device, upper/lower electrode, electric board, cooling system and so on. On the flat table of spot welder, there could equip special jigs according to different workpiece to satisfy spot welding technique requests. The welder equipped controller to realize programs control. The transformer is small and light, poured with epoxide resin, with compact structure.

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