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Seam welder

 Seam welder

The seam welding is a metal welding which could form permanent connection. While welding, the workpiece is pressed between two wheels, and driven by wheels when two wheels are turning. When the current passed the workpiece, the workpiece will heat and form welding spot then form continuous seam. The seam welder is widely applied to container, cylinder workpiece, such as automobile fuel tank, muffler and so on.

General speaking, the seam welder is composed of frame, pressing  device, welding wheel (electrode), trimming knife, welding power, speed-regulate mechanism and controller.

Function of each part:

Pressing device: transfer pressure, adjust the pressure between electrodes equably and compensate electrode abrasion.

Electrode and trimming knife: the electrodes adopt inner and outer water cooling, the conductive block adopt silver brush which have good conduction and have self-compensation function; the trimming knife could ensure the good form of electrode.

Welding power: has AC and DC two types, could select according to workpiece and welding technique.

Transmission mechanism and controller: adopts frequency conversion and gear reducer; the controller is an important controlling unit of the whole welding process.

The seam welder has AC and DC two type. The former is applied to non-plating low carbon steel and alloy steel; and the latter is applied to stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, plating steel and so on. The welder basic type has horizontal seam and longitudinal seam.

The user also could customize each kind special seam welder according to the need of user.

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